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BRT™ (Bharat-Rheology-Texturizer) is the trade name of system blends based on own processed natural hydrocolloid namely Cassia Gum. The constituent components comprising the system are non-animal in origin. The system is not mixed or contaminated with food allergy stuff.

There is no GMO component in these systems. No Nano particles are involved. There are no undeclared components in the system other than what is indicated on the labels.

The product is approved by the self-specification of the constituent components. The processing and packaging is done under a Food Safety Management System.


Chemical Identity High Molecular Weight Galactomannan Polysaccharide; forms viscoelastic gels with Xanthan Gum
Appearance Fine free flowing powder with no lumps
Color Yellowish to tan
Smell Agreeable (very mild fruit like)
Solubility Hydrates in water at 95°C or boiling
Loss on Drying NMT 12% by weight.
pH 6 to 8
Viscosity Miniumum 130mPass (1% Hot)
Miniumum 1000mPass (2% Hot)


Used as an additive for petfood industry, cassia gum, an ideal stabilizer, thickening and gelling agent for use in the manufacture of canned pet foods for cats and dogs.

Used with the combination of Kapa Carrageenan in wet canned pet food.